Can the two be married?

There is a dichotomy that many Americans still don’t think can be achieved–health and taste in one dish. Why is it so difficult to put these two words in the same sentence nonetheless in the same bowl? Who says that vitamin-full cuisine can’t taste heavenly?

The first time I opened the menu at 9021Pho I was a bit skeptical of how tasty the dishes may be since Chef Kimmy Tang prided herself on using very little oil and low-fat items in her dishes. I thought it would taste bland and uneventful, but after slipping the first forkful of rice noodles into my mouth my whole concept about health and taste was forever changed! How could it taste so good and yet be good for me?

I was given the privilege of talking with Chef Kimmy about her recipes and also learned her cooking techniques at her coveted monthly cooking classes. One of the most important tips she shared was to use fresh ingredients for the greatest taste–fresh vegetables, fresh meat, and minimal oil. Don’t overcook the vegetables because you’ll lose the flavor and vitamins from your food. 

This new way of thinking about health and taste being completely one entity is a growing change across America. Chef Kimmy is one of the pioneers with Vietnamese fusion cuisine using rich French flavors and healthy California-style ingredients to create a whole new dining experience. Whether you consider yourself a “foodie” or not, it’s definitely worth changing your concept of cooking and eating.

If you want to learn more about Chef Kimmy’s cuisine or attend one of her cooking classes, contact the 9021Pho team today!

Written by: Jennifer Bittinger, 9021Pho blogger

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