Healthy Snacks for School!


The hot summer sun, popsicles, ice cream, tank tops, flip flops and BBQ’s are slowly going away, but that doesn’t mean that the healthy treats of summer have to also disappear! With the change of seasons, cooler weather and kids going back to school, there is a tendency to “warm up” our bodies with comfort [...]

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Summer Desserts!

Desserts_130703LRZ (2)

Are you stressed? Spell ‘stressed’ backwards and you get ‘desserts’! Summer is full of sticky, hot weather and stress doesn’t disappear just because the sun shines brighter. Yet, even with stressful, hot days there is always time to chill for a few moments with the ones you love and enjoy one of our new, cool [...]

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Summer is Sizzlin’

June featured dish – seared steak salad

The sun is out, flip flops are on, and grills are sizzlin’ with smoky fare for a fun, tasty summer! 9021Pho is excited to announce it’s featured dish of the month as the Seared Steak Salad, which has a generous portion of sliced filet mignon served over baby greens, cucumbers, mint, onions and basil in a [...]

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The Flavor of Summer!


Summertime brings all types of new heat waves from fun in the sun to vacation crushes, but don’t worry, 9021Pho is offering a delicious list of cool desserts that are sure to keep you cool in the upcoming hot months! Spumoni Bomb ~ Chocolate Coated Strawberry, Pistachio and Chocolate Flavored Gelato Drizzled with White Chocolate [...]

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Join AVEDA & Surfrider at 9021Pho

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Heat it up!


In the American culture we sometimes assume that spice is only useful for getting rid of a cold or for burning a few extra calories while sweating over a spicy meal. But even with those two typical benefits, there are many more health benefits to adding a little more pizzazz to a dish! Chili pepper [...]

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Tasty Herbs in Action!

pho ga

Last week we talked about the tasty health benefits of the luscious herbs rosemary, basil, and chocolate mint. Since it’s Friday and the weekend is here, we thought it would be good to highlight a few more dishes by Chef Kimmy at 9021Pho that host a few of these herbs. The Chef Kimmy Salad uses [...]

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Tasty Herbs: Part I

green wall

Spring has sprung and new life is in the air! One of the most unique, rejuvenating innovations that 9021Pho has made is with its vegetation walls at each of their restaurants. Chef Kimmy Tang wanted to not only bring fresh produce from “farm to table,” but even closer with “wall to table” vegetation. Throughout the [...]

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The Benefits of Chicken Broth

Pho Ga

Did your mom or grandma ever serve you chicken noodle soup when you were sick as a kid? Is it the first food you buy when you’re coming down with a cold? Well, mom and grandma weren’t too far off with this old-fashioned remedy. The powerful ingredients found in chicken noodle soup are not only [...]

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Noodles for Noodles!

Tofu Vietnamese Noodles

Are you noodles for noodles? 9021Pho has built a cult of food followers who are now using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to show off their mouth-watering bowls of pho, Chao Fun, Vietnamese Noodles and any flavorful dish they encounter while dining or getting take-out at 9021Pho. Here are just a few dishes that have become [...]

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